I posted a review of my 2019 ShopMaster Mill Turn here: https://www.hobby-machinist.com/thre...-owners.35771/
I think it is a good hobby machine, and I get accurate parts (0.001 tolerances) and good finishes on 1020 low carbon steel from it using carbide inserts. Like any Chinese mill/lathe, you have to be ready to put some effort into setup and mods to get accurate parts, and you have to remember that it does NOT have the rigidity of a commercial machine and keep the cut depth and stepover within reason for a 2 hp 1150 lb machine. A 0.25" axial depth of cut (ap) with a 1/2" carbide end mill is possible, but your idea of "reasonable feed rate" might have to be challenged. I use GWizard for my feed/speed calculations using the settings for smaller hobby mills and it says the feed rate for a slot at that depth in mild steel would be 4.682 ipm at 2012 RPM. I know from experience that I can trust this recipe on the Mill Turn. So is 4.682 ipm a "reasonable feed rate"? If I was trying to create a 1/2" slot in steel at that depth, I would use a smaller end mill and use an HSM tool path from Fusion 360 instead of just cranking the 1/2" end mill straight through. But either way, yes the Mill Turn can make that cut.