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    Question on mold/buck materials

    Hello to this forum! Most of my time is spent over in the Tormach CNC milling machine side but today, I just ordered a new vacuum forming machine. https://formechdirect.com/machines-a...orm-16-16.html :banana::banana:

    We are forming 3mm ABS for a project. We did it via a home made system for the first batch of parts but we needed to step up to a more reliable system. I am forming my molds from laminated 3/4" PVC boards you can get from Lowes or others. However, the time to laminate and having glue joints (the risk factor of them coming apart) are causing me to look for another way/source for my buck materials. MDF is out of the question because I for one, do not want the dust in the machine shop and two the issues it causes on the mills oiled ways. Yes... I know, plenty of folks use their mill to run MDF, but I ain't one of them.

    So, does anyone have a suggestion on a plastic buck material in the 1", 2" and 3" thickness range? Considering that many of my bucks start off in the 15" x 15" X/Y range.

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    Not sure on what your item is you are going ti be reproducing. But i made a new mold for my project and its made from resin. My mold is 9x9 inch and the highest point is about 4 inches tall and loest is about an inch. Going to test it next week. Should work out great

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