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    AL24 Rotary table discord

    Hello All,

    More drama with the FA-400 that came into my possession. After having a tech from a local dealer come out and not make much progress I still don't have the machine up. Was able to clear the AL-94 alarm, but never able to get the axes to move. Somewhere in the process of jogging, jumpering, manually firing relays, the B axes got out of whack. The process for clearing the AL24 alarm states to go into hand wheel mode to move the B so that it is at an even 1 degree increment before the pallet drops because the cause of the alarm is that the pallet tried to drop between the 1 degree increments. Problem is the only way that I can get the hand wheel to work is to fire a M991 axes interlock release in MDI mode...and the only way to temporarily clear the alarm is to go into hand wheel mode, but the hand wheel won't work unless I fire the M991 in MDI, but as soon as I go to MDI the alarm comes back. I am at an impasse. I'm hoping there is some grizzled maintenance guy out there who knows these machines and will take mercy on me. The dealer isn't much help, and Toyoda doesn't seem to know or care. All this because the servo backup batteries died. Maybe if the backup batteries die you have to scrap the machine, lol. Feeling a little giddy after 15 hours wrestling with the machine all the while customers screaming for parts...that need to be done on that machine. Maybe the solution is a gas can and a fiddle. lol

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    Re: AL24 Rotary table discord

    When you are in Handle mode you have to move the rotatory table to the true zero position. You have to make sure that the teeth are aligned. The old Toyoda's has an access cover that you could remove to see them. Once you align them up toggle the 1815 APZ bit so it knows that this is the new home position. Cycle power and all should be good. If not then try clearing out parameters 1860 & 1861 (B axis only) Cycle power, once you cycle power they we reset automatically. Be sure to reset Emergency stop before setting 1815.
    Hope this helps.

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