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    Deleteing stuff

    Say you have a drawing and you want to delete a bunch of items at the same time. Is their a way to do it without clicking on each individual item with that d@mn little box with the eraser? Can I just make a box around it and delete all of it like in AutoCad? How? This is driving me nuts.

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    Re: Deleteing stuff

    Yes, use the Select icon from the drawing ops toolbar - it's the Arrow with Select beneath it, between the Query and Delete icons.

    Drag a box around the selection - only items fully inside the box with be selected - then press delete on the keyboard.

    Also, when you have selected some items, the cursor will change to a box with a plus/minus sign next to it. Use the cursor to select / deselect other items whether they are part of the original selection or not.

    You can also use the Edit > Delete All wizard from the top menus to delete many items at once.


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