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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > South Bend Machinery > Southbend 8K conversion still possible with bad control board ?
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    Southbend 8K conversion still possible with bad control board ?

    I have a Southbend 8K I would like to convert to CNC... however sadly my lathe is not running right now...I am not sure yet exactly what is wrong but I think its the control board.... the lathe turns on, the fan turns on but the spindle does not turn...I called Grizzly/Southbend but they were little help , sadly there is no replacement boards for the lathe either and it doesn't sound like they plan to make any more .. So what are my options here if the board is cooked ? can I still convert it to CNC ? I use the lathe every day but only doing light cuts in small aluminum parts, biggest issue is I turn it on and off several hundred times per day..

    thank you to anyone who takes the time for me !

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    Re: Southbend 8K conversion still possible with bad control board ?

    I had my drive go bad on my SB1001.You will have to remove the VFD and send it out for repair as there aren't any replacements.
    I cant find the name of the place I used as it has been 2 years ago.Theres a place that has a ad here on the cnc zone or just google
    motor drive repairs and call around you will find a place.Good luck Dave

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