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    Parting 3 FA 45 mills any requests?

    Hi guys, 3 FA 45 mills are slated to go to the scrap yard.
    I have purchased them to salvage the controls/motors/drives etc as spares for my own use.
    I can't afford to move the machines to my place in Wi to keep any
    They will have to be scrapped in place near Minneapolis.
    Is there anything else that is worth salvaging on these that is not a huge amount of work to take off?
    Any specific needs or wants?
    I will only have three days next week (JUL 24-26) with hand tools to do it.
    PMs don't work for me for some reason

    My email is midnx@yahoo.com

    or post here.


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    Re: Parting 3 FA 45 mills any requests?

    Will be starting this morning. Any requests?

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    Feb 2012

    Re: Parting 3 FH 45 mills any requests?

    Oh, I was wrong they are FH 45 mills.
    Anyone ever taken the spindle motor out of one of these or had the spindle apart?
    I have the motor mount bolts out but it doesn't want to come out. How is the shaft attached to the spindle?
    Looks like I will have another day or 2 to work on them. It's a bigger job than I thought.

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