As with any software it is possible to stumble across a bug or a situation you require assistance. In most cases, exchanging quick e-mails back and forth with EZ-CAM personnel will provide you with the results you need. In the case of a bug, you can take a formal approach by filling out a bug report on the following Web site:

Bug Report – Ezcam Solutions Inc.

Your time is important to us and we acknowledge the severity of any downtime. For speedy communications with our customers, email replies have included personalized videos and graphics containing instructions on how to achieve your goal. EZ-CAM is committed to its customers and will make every effort to supply you with a fast remedy. We assure you, if you encounter a bug in the software our engineering team will be notified immediately, and you will be informed of the next step. You will either be issued a new build or an acceptable workaround will be suggested. TeamViewer (PC to PC meetings), custom and standard training videos, and emails with graphic support are the tools you receive as part of your one-year support and maintenance.