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    Unhappy Star SB-16 Swiss Screw machine


    So my swiss screw machinist quit and I have been able to run the machine for the past 6 months with no problems, but today I ran into a problem I can't figure out. I'm sure it something I am doing wrong, but not sure what. I had to replace a worn insert in the cutoff tool. I pulled it out and replaced the insert, bolted it back into the gang tool holder and brought it down to touch it off the OD of my 3/16 stock. I go to the offset page, press the OPRT soft key and type in "X.1875" and press the MEASURE soft key. I have done this multiple times on several tools and not had any problems. However now when I run the auto cutoff routine the x-axis stops and the auto cutoff cycle stops, but the x-axis didn't move far enough to cut off the end of the bar completely. However if I program it to go to X.1875 it seems to work fine. I am sure I am doing something wrong just not sure what. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Star SB-16 Swiss Screw machine

    press macro button go to T1,press start,slide tool to bar,thightin tool,do not measure,,it will be set.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Star SB-16 Swiss Screw machine

    when touching off on the star, just go to MDI

    g0 x.dia of bar

    then after you pop the new tool back in
    and snug of the bolts
    g0 x1.0
    to raise the tool off the bar and tighten the bolts on the tool.

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