So my swiss screw machinist quit and I have been able to run the machine for the past 6 months with no problems, but today I ran into a problem I can't figure out. I'm sure it something I am doing wrong, but not sure what. I had to replace a worn insert in the cutoff tool. I pulled it out and replaced the insert, bolted it back into the gang tool holder and brought it down to touch it off the OD of my 3/16 stock. I go to the offset page, press the OPRT soft key and type in "X.1875" and press the MEASURE soft key. I have done this multiple times on several tools and not had any problems. However now when I run the auto cutoff routine the x-axis stops and the auto cutoff cycle stops, but the x-axis didn't move far enough to cut off the end of the bar completely. However if I program it to go to X.1875 it seems to work fine. I am sure I am doing something wrong just not sure what. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!