Hello everyone, and welcome to the new home of all things MicroMill... :wave:

To backers/pre-orderers and everyone else, this sub-forum is the place to:

  • Ask questions
  • Find answers
  • Suggest improvements
  • Share examples of your work
  • Post upgrades & modifications you've made to your MicroMill
  • Talk anything else MicroMill related!

If you have any questions specific to your purchase, please message us directly through contact information found on the original Kickstarter page!

We've come to CNCzone (rather than setup our own forum!) because their vast user base has huge levels of experience in all aspects of CNCing. Any answers you can't find in the MicroMill category, you will be able to find within a few short clicks elsewhere in the forum. Everything from software advice to material information - CNCzone has been a superb resource for us, and we know it will be for you too!

We're sticking to our OpenHardware commitments, and will be uploading all digital files and the BOM shortly.

Please stick to the forum rules and regulations, be kind to one another and get stuck in to the community discussions!