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    Post Gathering some information.

    Hello All,

    I am trying to do some research and find out what is important to Sign Makers when getting a CNC machine. Any insight or help is greatly appreciated.

    Here are my questions..

    • What machine do you own?
    • At what price would you look for a CNC machine?
    • What features are most important?
    • What size would you need?
    • If you own a CNC, what do you like / dislike about it ?

    Again any and all input is appreciated.

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    The computer controls the cutter to precisely cut your parts with a ShopBot CNC tool, you use the included software to design your parts on your personal computer, then, like a robot}. In the past, CNC tools were tools that are strictly industrial used in large factory settings. Now, all the types of computer-driven tools that create things by cutting material away (such as CNCs or laser cutters) or building up material in layers to create an object (3D printing) are called digital fabrication tools. ShopBot's innovations in CNC technology have made these powerful tools affordable for individuals and small shops.

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    Re: Gathering some information.

    There's lots of options in routers. Noise is optional. Zee height is optional. Size, dust collection systems, and 4phase voltage is optional. Servos, software, and salespeople are optional.
    My advice is to think it through carefully first. Can you program? How's your photoshop skills? There's lots of ways to make signs too. Then there's fixturing and set up. Do you wanna be ready to go at a moments notice for anything from a 9"x20" residential to a 4'x8' commercial sign?
    It's all about options. But don't let it overwhelm you. There's more to it than just a cnc too. Don't expect it to do every little thing for you either.

    If you are totally new to it, I'd suggest getting some good free software from Scorchworks, Cambam, Gimp, and Inkscape, and learn how to use it. You'd be surprised at how far that stuff can really go. You'll probably want a good toopath verification software too. I just found a nice free one called Camotics. I am an experienced programmer for many years and I'm quite impressed with this free stuff and I'm just beginning to use it and I like it a lot.
    Being able to use the machine is inherently linked to your skills as a programmer. You have to know how to tell the machine to give you what you want. I think it's an important first step. Once you learn these simple programs you can go hog wild and still keep it free with programs like Blender. It's a choice good one.

    Hopefully by then you will have narrowed down what kind of machine is right for you. Loud and proud with a big ass router, waterjet, or plasma cutter, quieter with spindle, more quiet with a drag knife, laser, or drag etch engraver.

    Then there's computer options, operating system options too. CAM will run on just about anything from dos to Windows 10 but it's good if you're whole system requirements are met before you go out and buy a mac, Linux, and Window for every little thing. Me, I'm liking the Windows/xeon thing right now. Seems pretty reliable SO far, and cheap. Speed is for gamers but cad/cam needs opengl and reliability. At least mine does.

    Anyway there's just tonnes and tonnes of stuff to talk about in the world of cnc, but I'm gonna call it quits for now. Just have a look at all the stuff in this one site.

    See ya,

    Do it all

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    Re: Gathering some information.

    An all-inclusive provider, AMC Lighting and Decor offers products for any area of your home or business. The North Carolina showroom is filled with exceptional examples of what we have to offer, and our products are sure to prove themselves the perfect touch.

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