I have an older copy of TurboCad V21 that does everything in cad that I need. I also use CamBam for generating Gcode for my Linux based CNC machine. Wanted to have an all in one application that would simulate the code also so I bought the V21 plugin
which is actually TCC V3.5. Installed fine and runs almost perfect. Info on using it is in the helps but that could be a lot better. I did find a few videos on the tube that helped a bit.

Actually the simulator does run but the tool bar is not launched and it completes it's cycle in a few milliseconds never showing the cut path.

The main problem is that the simulator tool bar does not get created when I hit the simulate button. The gcode runs and the screen display flashes but it does not show the simulation running line by line. Now when you pick a line of Gcode it does show up on the graphic and you can single step thru the code and see the result on the drawing. I think that My Win 10 software on my 3 year old Dell pc is just "too fast" for this bar to show up or some other Win10/TCC compatibility issue.

Pulled out my really old Dell 8300 with winXP on it. Installed Tcad and Tcc and yep, you guessed it, every thing works as it should.
What do I need to do to Win10 to get this to run on it? I have tried every compatibility setting in Win10 without luck.

I may have to just bite the bullet and use the WinXP machine to simulate unless there is another solution.

Thanks in advance, JR