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    Re: PathPilot on NM200

    Ahh yes, it looks like CNC4PC changed from step/dir to PWM in the current revision (9)
    so you should used the 5i25_c11x2.bit bit file if you have a REV 8 C11G card and
    5i25_c11gx2 if you have a REV 9 C11G card.

    Whether via step rate or PWM the C11 BOB outputs an analog signal proportional
    to the step rate or PWM duty cycle, so the analog 0..10V output of the BOB should be
    wired to the drives analog (potentiometer) input for speed control. In addition you will need to
    connect (in hal) the appropriate pins for spindle on and spindle direction

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    Re: PathPilot on NM200

    Thanks for clarifying which bit file I should use.

    The confusion comes from the fact I don't have PWM, but the wiring appears to be set up for PWM. In the BRUSHLESS MOTOR 110220V.doc file I uploaded, page 9 shows CN15. My BOB #14 is wired to the PWM terminal, and an NC relay on the BOB is wired to the F/R terminal. Page 11 shows CN17 and the 0-10V Analog speed terminals, which is not used on my set up.

    To add to the confusion (for me), the machine works perfectly with Mach3 and an ESS stepper, where the spindle is configured as a PWM.

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    Re: PathPilot on NM200

    Quote Originally Posted by yodaddy View Post
    This is where I'm confused. Kvom said on this thread that his BOB didn't have PWM, and that is why he used stepgen to control his spindle. I have the same BOB, and according to page 7 of the C11G_R8_7_USER_MANUAL.pdf that I attached -

    5.2 Variable speed control (pin 14)

    This function lets you control your spindle with step and direction signals, as if it was an axis motor. It converts the step signal into an analog (0-10VDC).

    My BOB is wired to the PWM terminals on the motor controller. Wire from BOB #14 to the controller PWM terminal, and a wire from BOB relay (controlled by pin #16) to the controller F/R Dir terminal. I'm lost. Is my BOB controlling the spindle with a PWM, or a stepgen generating out a PWM signal?

    I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

    Ahh so you are ignoring the stepgen --> analog circuitry in which case you DO want to use 5i25_c11gx2.bit
    (which has a PWM generator on pin 14)

    So just as a said before, the PWM gen needs to be setup (set frequency, mode, and scaling and
    possible inversion of the PWM signal ) and connected to LinuxCNCs spindle speed command
    and enable signals in the hal file. In addition its looks like you will need to setup pins 1 and
    16 to control the relays

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    Re: PathPilot on NM200


    I tried that during my 6 day misadventure, but obviously didn't set it up properly.

    PM sent.

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