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    Re: Anyone considering the centroid Acorn instead of path pilot?

    Quote Originally Posted by upnorth View Post
    I'm not sure if the machines use the same BOB or not. One of the things I was not happy with is the wizard on the acorn board. It is quite limited if you want to change things. Some research turned up a menu that you can change things from. I forget exactly what it is called. I was in there briefly and there are a lot of parameters in there. I need to learn how to work with those. That takes away the complaint I would have had. For the most part any information you need is available its just a little hard to find. Some times its in a manual, a youtube video or in the help forum. I'm pretty optimistic about it so far. Next thing to get going is the probe. I bought a drewtronics probe. I'm not a fan of edge finders. They work but are just slow. My pendant is unfortunately not compatible with the acorn.

    The only thing left to decide is if I am going to use the power drawbar or not. I have been looking at other options and there seem to be a few that are far less cost than the novakon option. My original plan was to eventually get the tool changer. That is no longer in my plans. I have had problems a few times with the novakon drawbar not tightening enough. I was provided with a solution for that about a year ago but have not tried it yet. For the most part the mill has been in storage for the last year.

    Looking forward to making some chips again.
    Regarding the PDB, I'd take up another hobby before I went back to changing tools with a wrench.

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    Re: Anyone considering the centroid Acorn instead of path pilot?

    I'm not going to stop using a power drawbar. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to continue using the one from Novakon. There are some other options available that are air powered.

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