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    Editing / Writing a Hypermill post ( old version V9 )

    I've recently started work for a company who use Hypermill V9, full 5-Axis version. The post processors don't work properly, and looking back 10 years through the old CAD stuff, it looks as if they never have. Unfortunately, the users didn't get the posts sorted when there was a support contract, probably because they didn't really know what they were doing and instead got contractors to CAM for them.

    Now, I need to get this software working, but it's out of support. I spoke to Open Mind, but I couldn't get past reception without a support contract, which is a shame considering that the software came with two posts, neither of which worked properly from the start ( although the Heidenhein TNC530 post only requires an M6 manually added to each tool change so no big deal ).

    I have had a contact from one OM guy, who is looking for "a cost effective solution" for me, but I suspect this will be an upgrade or support contract which I'm not going to pay for, simply because there is no guarantee that the post will get sorted anyway, and the post should have at least worked in the beginning.

    If anyone has worked out how to edit a Hypermill post I will be happy to hear from you, I need to get this working. Buying an upgrade is not an option, it's not an exaggeration to say that buying Hypermill and the problems it has caused over the years has nigh on killed the company - there is no more money for this.

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    Re: Editing / Writing a Hypermill post ( old version V9 )

    You need professional help from someone who has been thru shakedown test of many posts and can explain the problem exactly to the post modification programmer. I had phd's of math doin that for me.. to my specs and needs.
    No money? trouble there
    The experts are here
    Austin N.C. | GPost and CAM Products & Services

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    Re: Editing / Writing a Hypermill post ( old version V9 )

    I'm pleasantly surprised that despite me not being able to get past reception, a guy from Open Mind phoned me today and seemed genuinely interested and helpful. Perhaps I read too much into the brush off I got initially.

    Anyway, he has asked me to send some samples of working and non-working code, as well as the files that were used to generate them.

    Early days, and there might still be an expensive sting in the tail, but I'm impressed with the follow-up to my call so far. Perhaps the problems stem from my predecessors here rather than OM.

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    Re: Editing / Writing a Hypermill post ( old version V9 )

    Where you able to get your problems sorted, with your post. ?

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    Re: Editing / Writing a Hypermill post ( old version V9 )

    It has been a marathon, but we're in a much better position now. As I wrote earlier, my predecessors for whatever reason didn't pursue a fully working post. Possibly because they weren't confident that the fault was with the post and not with themselves.

    Anyway, I presented the facts to OM, who studied the post and samples I sent and concluded that it didn't work correctly. However, my Hypermill version was from 2005 and had no support contract since then, which put us both in a difficult position. Fortunately OM offered a solution - I agreed to a support contract ( which I wanted anyway to help my successors in this job ) and in return OM upgraded me to version 2018 and put their post team on the case. They have now written a post that works correctly, with just a few minor tweaks needed, which we're working through.

    So, if anyone is looking to run a 3 or 5 axis machine with Xilog you can now use Hypermill to do it. Whether you can justify the cost is up to you, but Hypercad / Hypermill 2018 is really nice to use. If I was buying cam for just a woodworking machine new, I probably wouldn't buy Hypermill, not because it isn't a great program, it is, but because the cost is so high. I am lucky to have several metalworking machines by Bridgeport and Maier, so the cost is shared and makes more sense.

    If anyone wants to sub-contract CAD-to-XILOG work to me I'm open to offers.

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    if u want the change post code

    Make a job list

    click to machine selection and edit than after select post edit and u will see it cycles...

    or u need find post excel file.

    what u want do it excel file is say you.


    look here

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    i have same problem.


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