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    Re: Chinese stand alone controller weird Z issue

    All chinese firmware lacks final debugging before reaching the market, the hardware that the developer community takes a shine to become bestsellers because they debug and improve the code. It baffles me how they dont release the source code for debugging and then they wonder why they dont sell items? Communism breeds an intellectual laziness, 'i work for the state' 'who cares? I earn a slave wage'.
    Wisdom results from foolishness!

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    Re: Chinese stand alone controller weird Z issue

    Quote Originally Posted by turbocad6 View Post
    so far I have been extremely happy with this controller. I have already run over 800 cycles on this thing in it's first production run without a hiccup or a glitch and it has worked flawlessly. there are a few things that are maybe less than ideal like some of the poorly translated broken English used in some of the menu's and pop up windows but most are easy enough to figure out what they are really trying to say. about the only complaint I have is not knowing exactly how to use some of the more advanced features that this controller is capable of but poorly documented. stuff like knowing how to use the built in macro's or figuring out how to do tool probing, stuff like that.

    honestly if these things were well documented I think that there would be no comparison to any of the other hobby type solutions that are out there, it's just the lack of documentation and instruction that is holding these things back, it really is an awesome piece of equipment and so much better than any pc based solution in all areas except documentation and technical support. I am now starting to communicate with the manufacturer with some of my questions and so far I am emailing back and forth with someone who communicates very well in English and I am hopeful that I can get some more answers that will help me set up probing and even a tool changer. even without this I still say this controller is the best thing I ever did, but if I can get my head wrapped around some of the more advanced functionality available here too that would be really awesome. I will start a thread her soon dedicated to this controller in hopes of eventually gaining some more user inputs and community support
    Most of the controllers in China are similar to Fanuc, like the programming and parameters, if you know Fanuc Control, then it is easy for you to handle the China controllers.
    Maybe the GSK controls has better English manuals, here are some of them: cncmakers.com/cnc/Download/

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