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    For Sale: CMM converted to a CNC machine

    Hello CNC Enthusiasts:
    I have for sale, a View 1220 CMM retrofitted for CNC use. The View was built in the early 1990’s as a Computerized Measurement Machine (CMM). Original cost was about $200,000.00.

    The mechanics of this machine are superb, as it was built to able to measure distances down to 40 microns on integrated circuits. It was the best you could buy, at the time.

    Four years ago, I found the machine as it was about to be disassembled for parts, after lightning took out all of electronics. Even the limit switches were not functioning. I converted it to CNC use.

    The system is incredibly ridged and stable, as the table top and arch, are made of granite 6 inches thick. The table top measures 3 x 4 feet and sits on a thick square tube frame. The arch is also 4 feet wide, 31 inches tall. The frame has with wide feet and accommodation for moving the system with a fork lift or a jack up dolly. It is heavy, at about 2300 lbs.

    The three linear slides, have never been removed from the table top, to preserve the original factory alignment of the X, Y and Z axis’s.

    The X and Y slides have 24 inches of travel, a single rotation of each spindle, moves that axis 0.200 inches. This implies that moving a stepper motor one step (at 200 steps/rotation), moves that axis 0.001 inches. I’ve kept the original servo motors, if you wish to reuse them. The Z travel is approximately 6 inches.

    What I added to the system:
    A PC with Mach3 installed, with mouse, keyboard, LCD display.

    A set of AC switches to independently turn on the PC, a Bosch Trim Router, Control Box, and a quad set of standard outlets for lighting.

    The Control Box has:
    • A military grade Lambda 48V DC 10Amp power supply for driving the stepper motors.
    • A +/-12 and +/-5 VDC power supply to run the stepper motor controllers and Smooth Stepper USB interface
    • A Smooth Stepper PC to USB interface, used with Mach3 to send signals to the Stepper motor controllers
    • 4 (There is an unused controller, for 4th axis control) IM483 Stepper motor controllers driving the steppers at 48VDC. These stepper motor controllers cost ~$360.00 each new, and are capable of micro-stepping at 50,000 steps/rotation. They are now configured for 3200 steps/rotation. They are capable of driving 3.0 Amps RMS, or 4.0 Amps peak, at 48 VDC.
    • The box is fused and has fans, cabling etc.

    There are three Lin Engineering 5718L—04 Stepper Motors, rated at 294 oz-in torque @ 3.3Amps. (when measured at 24VDC, but are being driven at 48VDC).

    Limit switches are positioned on each end of travel of each axis.

    Mounted to the Z axis, is an aluminum plate for a Bosch trim router.

    To minimize runout of the router, I went to Lowes and opened 15 boxes of Bosch trim routers to find the one with the best runout performance, and then purchased from Think and Tinker (PreciseBits.com), a “Precision Grade” collet set for 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch drill bits (~$130.00). The collets are advertised to less than 0.0004 runout.

    There is also an auxiliary control box, for manually moving the axis’s and it has a red button for emergency stops.

    The system is functional and able to read and control G-Codes from Mach3, using a single 120 VAC power plug.

    A table top was added, with slots for hold downs of your projects.

    Price: $1,800.00

    Location = Coon Rapids, Minnesota

    To contact me, use: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/a...319442561.html

    Note: if the Craigslist posting is removed, it has sold.

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    Re: For Sale: CMM converted to a CNC machine


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    Re: For Sale: CMM converted to a CNC machine

    Really, it's hard to believe that

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