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    Tool Based Machining

    What if each tool in your shop had a microchip, or used a barcode system, and communicated to the CNC its maximum performance for each process? EZ-CAM now functions along those lines. Your shop is unique, and so are the tools you use. Maybe you use certain tools day in and day out, or they’re set aside to be used another day. We devised a plan that would allow you to store your tool’s data and call upon it in just a few mouse clicks.

    In EZ-CAM you simply click on your path, select a tool, then pick your feature (pocket, contour, face, drill & tap). For example, a half inch end mill can contour, cut a pocket (choice of high-speed machining or standard), or even face mill. We would create a feature list for that tool. Once the operation is selected, EZ-CAM automatically loads a specific depth of cut, step over, feeds, speed and so on. You can produce machine code through Feature Recognition or apply Tool Based Machining on any path you created--EZ-CAM is versatile.

    Adding or modifying strategies takes little effort. And Tool Based Machining applies to manual & automatic tool changes, any CNC control, and can be used for all types of tooling. If your tool wears down, or it suddenly breaks, just grab the next available tool in your shop. If the properties are different, just click the unfinished path, load your new tool, and reassign the feature.

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    Re: Tool Based Machining

    Strange idea.

    I wonder how you would get the chip inside a 3 mm carbide cutter (3 mm shank)?
    I wonder who would pay the extra cost?
    I wonder how long the chip would take the vibration the cutter gets when spinning into metal?
    I wonder whether having a chip in a big cutter but not in a small cutter would drive the user (and his machine) mad?

    a plan that would allow you to store your tool’s data and call upon it in just a few mouse clicks.
    Yes, it's called the Tool Table, and is available for free in most any CNC program.


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    Re: Tool Based Machining

    It is strange if it was meant to be literal . . . you got me there, but it was meant to be hypothetical. There are impressive advantages over a tool table. I am happy to help in any way.

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