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    Keep Out Area and Pcokets the Width of the Endill


    I've been using CamWorks for some time now, so relatively familiar with the software but have now run into a problem that I've been stuck on for a couple of days and I'm out of ideas.

    I'm trying to cut a basic square out, however I want to use tabs to prevent it form flying out or getting jammed and breaking my endmill. For this I've tried a few things.

    First I tried to simply create an exclude area as can be seen in the first image. The outline of the exclude area is perfectly offset from the edge of my cutout by the width of my endmill. However, as can be seen in my second image, all I get in terms of toolpaths are the rounded corners.

    I have side offsets set to 0, so that's not a problem. If I set side offset to -0.00001, then I get the expected x4 right angle toolpaths with the rounded corners. However it obviously creates a loop so it basically double backs on itself and effectively cuts the piece twice.

    I tried creating a part with an island as can be seen in the third image. However now, even though side and depth offsets are set to 0, I get no toolpaths at all and the operations tree operation remains pink. Obviously if I change to a thinner diameter endmill, the paths then generate, however again, it's cutting a x4 pockets with loops.

    Any ideas what is going on? Perhaps something simple that I'm not aware of, but I'm just no seeing it.
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    Re: Keep Out Area and Pcokets the Width of the Endill

    Use avoid area to do this using sketch , it work well!
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    Re: Keep Out Area and Pcokets the Width of the Endill

    It's weird because if you just make a straight channel/pocket the width of your bit, then it generates the toolpaths, however if you create a loop/pocket with an island that sits exactly the same distance away as the tool width, it stops working.

    I've tried all sorts of avoid areas and nothing is working.

    Avoids yield the same result as changing the underlying model. If I just have a pocket as in the first image and then if I add an avoid area, then no tool paths are generated, the same as if I make a pocket with an island with no avoid areas as seen in the 3rd image. I added tabs to the third image so it's identical to the avoid area first image scenario.

    I've also tried different tools to see whether there was something wrong in that respect. It's not the tool as I get identical results with other tool definitions.

    I can get tool paths to generate if I make the island/avoid area slightly smaller, but then I obviously get an additional toolpath loop.

    I've checked all my clearances and have done this multiple times, so it's not some pesky clearance value somewhere.

    The moment you add a bend to a straight channel, toolpaths fail to generate.

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    Re: Keep Out Area and Pcokets the Width of the Endill

    I my example I only made a Boss feature with avoids(no islands) , It make my rectangular part in a single pass (no stepover) and I use the tool that I want! Hope this help!

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