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    Re: DYNA EM3116 Mill Questions

    bringing this post back since there are a few of you with Dyna Mills. I have a 3116 as well. Monitor was out, but its a simple VGA cable, so I bought a LCD panel off ebay. Machine worked for about a week after I bought it, and i tried to modify some tool offsets and work offsets, went to restart, and nothing. I had version 2.0 of the software. I bought another HDD from a guy parting out a dyna, it was V 1.46. Another member on here sent me 2.2, but the handles wont unlock in "manual mode". anyone have a machine running V2.0? I need to get a copy that isnt gonna cost me $500 from Dyna.....Thanks.

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    Re: DYNA EM3116 Mill Questions

    I have v2.21 on my Dyna EM3116

    I burned up my power supply and ended up buying a generic one from the internet. While I was in the machine I made copies of the hard drive using some retired drives from old computers I had. I also copied the files on a few portable drives as a precaution. I have had this machine since 2006 I think. I use Bobcad v23 and I think I modified the Haas post to work on the Dyna. I still manually edit the tool changes on the rare case I actually need to do it. I also had a friend install a relay to turn on the coolant. The board supported it but there was no wires hooked up. I also was forced to replace the LCD when mine stopped working. I can see the issue (missing / corroded contacts) I replaced the video card with one I had and mounted a conventional monitor on the side of the control box. Let me know if I can be of any help.

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