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Thread: MAHO 600E

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    Re: MAHO 600E

    Quote Originally Posted by swat cat View Post
    Hello, I`m a proud owner of a MAHO 600E with philips 432 cnc.
    I intend to upgrade it to MACH 3/4 using the indramat drivers (+/-10v), KFLOP+KANALOG and heidenheim linear scales.
    My first problem is the heidenheim scales, wich are Sin/cos type.... what comverter do you recomand to covert the to TTL or someting that will work with Kflop.
    We have done a retrofit for MAHO several years ago, the machine body is still in very good condition.
    Deckel Maho Retrofit Photos

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    Re: MAHO 600E

    I could read the spidle overide value and divide my spindle speed to reverse calculate my original Sxxxx speed?

    I don't want to have a dedicated gcode for this machine.

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