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    please guide me , need controller & design software

    please guide me
    i order mini 1610 cnc only for test & learn how to use cnc machine
    i try Grblcontrol Candle , this software is easy but i thing it's can't import svg file
    so i want to know do you know any software like Grblcontrol (Candle) , because its very easy
    & tell me how to setup it
    another thing is i want to know which software is easy & good to design & text for craving
    for wood
    thank you

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    Re: please guide me , need controller & design software

    You need a program to create the Gcode on which the machine relies for instructions.As I understand it,all the Arduino controlled systems are transmitting the Gcode to the stepper motors.I don't follow the market in mini 1610 machines and don't know whether they are supplied with Arduino based controllers.I do know that some of the slightly larger machines are supplied with a trial version of Mach 3 and it is a bit elderly in computer terms.

    For carving of text I have found F-engrave to be very good and you can download it from Scorchworks.There are some good tutorials on youtube,just as there are for other aspects of CNC use.F-engrave will import .bmp files but I don't think it will work with .svg.The other thing you need to determine is what sort of postprocessor you will need,some programs have a limited selection included.It would seem that you have a fair amount of work ahead to apply suitable settings to your controller before going too much further.

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