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    Find business partners on Mato Grosso Promotion Conference?

    I have recently heard that Mato Grosso Promotion Conference would be held on November, 8, in China. Some enterprises from Mato Grosso, Brazil and Chinese institutions and companies will attend the conference. The enterprises from Brazil mainly aim to look for suppliers or investors. Some of the companies belong to machinery industry.

    I got this news from JumoreGlobal, a B2B cross-border e-commerce platform in China. I have registered an account recently. The platform will organize or attend activities offline to help its members find business opportunities. This promotion conference is the first activity that I have heard from the platform. Maybe it will be a choice to access to business partners. What do you think of that?

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    Programming a machine isn't too difficult. G-code is fairly simple and any good engineer could learn it in a matter of weeks... but that's just programming. Determining cutting rates and optimizing tool life are something that you'll want to bring in a high level if not Journeyman machinist for.

    Also, I find aluminum wrecks inserts/ endmills/ drills and pretty quick. Unfortunately you'll need to change and adjust your tools quite frequently. Tooling has to be treated as a consumable in your budget. Carbide tools can get expensive!

    Finally, you'll need a number of QC instruments like micrometers, thread gauges and pin gauges (go-nogo pins).

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    Re: Find business partners on Mato Grosso Promotion Conference?

    I’m not sure that such an event will take place this year. Coronavirus has changed all our plans and especially those related to China. Their production base will not enter a new stage yet. I try to share the risks and use the help of specialists from kismetgroup.ca. My project is considering buying a hangar to create a woodworking workshop or rent out. This is my plan for the future. It is very difficult to find something reliable with such a panic in the economy.

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