Bridgeport and EZ-CAM dominated the market together, and EZ-CAM carried Bridgeport in the CNC arena. Bridgeport started in 1938 without a competitor in sight. Bridgeport mills fueled most every job shop right on up to every corporate enterprise. Even in its inception, EZ-CAM paired flawlessly with the early CNC controls. “EZ-CAM was feeding unimaginable amounts of code to every CNC machine Bridgeport could push out.” EZ-CAM changed the future of manufacturing. Accuracy, speed, and complex parts became attainable.
EZ-CAM became famous through easy to grasp concepts and supported Bridgeport’s massive customer base. Soon, EZ-CAM expanded into the Turn and EDM markets. The need for a programmer to master G & M codes went by the wayside. At the click of a button, pages of code stand ready for your every machine.
EZ-CAM increased functionality in Feature Recognition, Tool Based Machining, wizards, and the user interface. Feature Recognition automatically creates cutter paths. Tool Based machining loads your machining strategies after you select a tool. Wizards rid overwhelming and unnecessary clutter when programming complex shapes. The user interface is packed with keyboard shortcuts, and functions are easily identified graphically through eye-catching menu items.