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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Uncategorised MetalWorking Machines > Has anybody ever met 'The Denbigh' Milling machine?
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    Has anybody ever met 'The Denbigh' Milling machine?

    I am currently trying to find a manual for 'The Denbigh' C.V.S. Milling machine.

    I am having the following problems..

    I can't seem to adjust the tension of the motor drive belt - it looks like the whole assembley rotates and is held in place by one bolt. The bolt moves but the motor does not. Would a belt dressing on the leather belt prevent slip?

    The lathes.co.uk indicates that the table has power feed in both directions. Mine only seems to have 4 speed powerfeed in one direction.
    Also, the powerfeed seems to 'slip' - it can be engaged but if you hold the table handle it just stops the drive shaft turning.


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    Re: Has anybody ever met 'The Denbigh' Milling machine?

    Very old post. I read you have to replace the belt when it slips. have you still got the machine ?

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    Re: Has anybody ever met 'The Denbigh' Milling machine?

    but why this post seen in the upper section?

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