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    Lms spindle control 4213 G540

    I am new to cnc machining. Currently working on a LMS 3960 cnc conversion. Could someone spoon feed me how to wire and connect the lms 4213 spindle control module to the Gecko G540? Also, supply the settings for Mach3.

    1. I have x, y, and z.axis operational with the g540 and mach3.
    2. I have changed the chip on the lms spindle control board.
    3. I have gotten the 4213 to control the spindle. I followed the wiring diagram and did the jumped the module. I could manipulate the spindle speed with the W1.

    I could not mach3 (M3) to turn on the spindle. Please provide novice level instruction and or pictures.

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    Re: Lms spindle control 4213 G540

    did you ever get it working? im at that point as well and cant get mach3 to turn on my spindle

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