Hello all,

I hope im in the right place making this topic, id also like to say that my knowledge about CNC machines is limited although with the brief questions i hope that does not matter.

I am currently doing some technical IT work at a company which have been using the Microstep MSNC 500P along with the Hypertherm HPR260XD as mentioned above. I had been tasked with sourcing new power supplies, fans & a motherboard for the computers running both DOS & XP.

After inquiring about spare parts for the system , we were told that the Motherboard running both XP could not be sourced including the Microstep PCI Cards attached to these motherboards, besides that all spares can be sourced. Our only option was then to go for a Full PC system upgrade which is quite excessive in price.

Getting to the point, mainly im wondering if anybody around has possibly found some generic PCI Cards for this system ? Or possibly a workaround conversion of some sort ?

Excuse the terrible pictures although i am busy digging up more.