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    Calculating IPM

    How would you go about calculating the potential IPM a system could have given a certain amount of torque/rpm from motors and at least knowing the weight of the carriage/cross slide you are pushing? You would have to factor in resistance from either the linear rails/blocks or the dovetail way I guess. Calculating resistance from a tool cutter would be kinda a unknown as well.

    Lets say for example you have a 30 pound carriage that rides on a 3" wide ground dovetail way thats regularly oiled. Lets say a high quality ballscrew pushes the system (NSK, Hiwin etc). For now leave out resistance from cutting tools. Now for this application what could we expect from say a DMM tech 750w servo vs a 400w servo?

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    Re: Calculating IPM

    During the past year I have gotten into the math, including inertia effects.


    Graph in post #5 and a sample calculation in post #21

    Equation sources are there too.

    And another example here:


    Post #27.

    And some other places I don't have the links handy for.

    Typically the linear rail blocks don't have very much resistance, and I have omitted it as a factor, although you could look up the specs from the manufacturer and include it in the calculations if you wanted to. Same goes for preload torque on the ballscrew. No idea how much friction you would get from a well lubricated way.

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