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    Lathe Cam Package to Suit Application


    With so many available CAM options on the market I'm lost. I don't want to over spend on a CAM package and not use half of its features, or under spend and need more features.

    CAD wise, I'm fluent in SolidWorks. I currently export drawings from SolidWorks in DXF format to CamBam to Mach3 for my mill. This works fine.

    When the cnc lathe up and running and ill be using SolidWorks 2010 or 2014 to draw my parts. I then want to be able to export these parts to a cam package which will write the G-code for me to upload to mach3. Functions I'll require from a cam package are as follows:

    - General full functionality for a 2 axis cnc lathe
    - Tool library to accommodate an 8 turret tool changer
    - Spindle control min to max speed both directions
    - Single point threading
    - Mach3 post processor
    - Coolant / air flow control

    I know packages such as CAMWorks and BobCAD offer an integrated SW add-on but I'm leaning more towards a standalone package I can import SW models into.
    I don't want to spend a fortune to begin with but would like to find a CAM package to meet my requirements, if that is possible.

    Any help / advice appreciated.


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    Re: Lathe Cam Package to Suit Application


    We have a really good Lathe module in PartMaster that will do exactly what you require.

    Take a look at our website Welcome to Dolphin Cad Cam Systems Ltd. or call the office for a chat.

    01563 543989

    Best regards


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    Re: Lathe Cam Package to Suit Application

    Dolphin looks perfect for what I need Andre!
    Watched a few of the videos on your site and I am impressed.

    Reviews also good!

    Plus your only a few hours north of me.... ideal.

    Will be in touch before / after Christmas depending on progress.


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