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    Z-Axis Motor Grinding

    Hello Everyone,
    I have two of these MicroMills and they are both making the same grinding sounds when the Z motor is being used. I have applied the fix from the other thread regarding unscrewing it and then adding electrical tape (I used 12 Thousandths Shim Material) to no avail. Is there another solution to this that I am missing or is a replacement motor in my near future?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Z-Axis Motor Grinding

    Hi Levi,

    The tape-fix was just to stop the coupling grub screws from vibrating loose and catching on the frame itself.

    Does the Z-axis turn? If you're able to get full motion up and down then everything is fine with the coupling.

    The noise you are hearing is simply the motor itself. These are 400 step-per-revolution motors (0.9degree) and are being driven at the 70% current recommendation with no microstepping. The mechanical resolution is coming from the 400 step and pitch of the lead screw. This results in a noisier motor than you're perhaps use to from other applications. The only reason for doing this was torque! The Z axis moves a lot less than the other axis, and the need for microstepping isn't present with this level of mechanical resolution.

    The noise is not disimilar to a child with a wooden spool running it quickly along a set of metal railings - and while noisier than we'd have liked, isn't a sign of a 'broken motor'.

    Get the spindle running and you're unlikely to even hear it!

    If the Z-axis isn't turning however - if it is binding or skipping steps, then this is another matter that we can discuss.

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