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    Wood Lathe build

    Hello everyone,

    I plan to build a lathe for wood. I must say that I am almost totally new to CNC arena and the whole engineering in fact. I am a Political Science graduate, that's why; but I believe I can realize my plan with some help.

    Though I have not finished it I want to show you the unfinished draw for the machine. I wonder what you think about the rails being vertical instead of horizontal; because when I observe existing lathes almost all of them make the two rails through which the saddle for the lathe tool and the tailstock move. So, I wonder if you think this is a good or bad idea. The reason why they might be vertical is that it would throw the dust away instead of making a pile on the machine. What do you think?

    The whole lenght of it is 210 cm, the rails are 180 cm, the width is 60 cm and the height is 130 cm.

    Attached is its unfinished drawing.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails montaj.jpg  

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    Re: Wood Lathe build

    I plan to buy a lathe for both woodworking and metalworking jobs. It seems I need to buy a metal lathe only as I can work for metal also as mentioned in this article https://101tooladvisor.com/best-mini-metal-lathe/
    Could anyone give me an advice?

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    Re: Wood Lathe build

    Hey It looks like very old thread, but I am just curious how did you go with the build? Did you finish?

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