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Thread: Mach 3

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    Mach 3

    Hi Everyone,

    I purchased a china zone cnc and of course mach 3 came with it but it is a pirate copy. I do have a legal copy mach3 ,but it is for parallel port and my machine is usb. So is there a way to convert a copy of mach3 from a parallel port to a usb.

    A Big thank You in Advance.
    Dennis Killian

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    Re: Mach 3

    Mach3 works with USB as well but you need to get the plugin for your machine from the seller. As far as I remember, you can find some plugins on Mach3 site, but generally that should have been delivered on the CD you got with your machine. Check with the seller or just try to copy the contents of the pirated plugin folder into the legitimate plugin folder.

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    Re: Mach 3


    I can help you to startup your machine.

    where are you located ?

    contact me by mattcnc@protonmail.com

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