I have a used Stepcraft 600 with ATC that had the ATC at the other end.
So before I really got started, I moved the ATC tool rack to the other end.
Now I'm having all sorts of problems.
First, it seemed that the X axis would get stuck and the machine would return to the Y location but not the X axis.
Then somehow the z axis would get lower and lower until it hit the took rack.

I then removed the tool rack and when I ran the M6 macro, the x and y axis would be correct when it returned to the original location.
However, the z axis is messed up. When I first home the z axis, the bottom of the z axis is 6 inches above the table,
After running the macro, the machine zero location is now 3.75 inches above the table. I do not know how the z machine zero location changed.

The machine had a lot of macros, I do not know if the previous owner wrote them or not.
So what I did, I took all the macros and placed them in a sub-directory, the copied the 4 macros from the CD to the macro directory,

I then made changes to m6 to correspond to my locations of my 5 tools. It still not working properly.

So I have currently given up and I'm just going to use one tool at a time until I somehow get some direction.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, is there a way to turn the machine back to the original condition? Maybe the previous owner set something up that I need to reset or change.

Thank you.

Harvey Matyas