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    Re: Gibbs New Interface/ Trash Can Missing

    Quote Originally Posted by Sierevello View Post
    Okay I went to the Gibbscam Quick Start Guide just to make sure I wasn't crazy and it shows the process bar where it should be. It also shows the pin that mdlmkr was talking about. I just need to find out how to get the thing turned back on so I can pin it in place,
    I have tried right clicking down there and everything else I can think of and no luck and I can't find anything in the menus to turn it on/off.


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    Gibbs sent me another thing to try and it worked. It has returned to the bottom right part of the screen. It is below in case you ever experience it.

    Please try deleting the User Preferences folder by following the instructions below:

    Go to the Plugins menu at the top
    Select Pathfinder
    Select User Preferences
    Close GibbsCAM
    Delete everything within the User Preferences folder
    Upon relaunching, GibbsCAM will rebuild everything that it needs.

    Thanks for all of the help.

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    Re: Gibbs New Interface/ Trash Can Missing

    It looks like you are missing the commands across the top too. Is that correct? If so, it may be a windows setting...I will check.Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by mactec54 View Post
    Why do you need the trash can, have not used it in 10 years, or more if you want to remove something, just select it and press Delete key on your keyboard
    You need the trash can to toss Gibbs into it and move on to Autodesk to not have to deal with all the intermittent issues and the fact they give you a 15 yr old post processor that conflicts with their own program. My goodness 3D systems is terrible and I’ve never experienced more frustration. Add to that their customer service is short of poor. 2 months no cal back, nothing. Told them several times leaving messages the post processor is problematic with user issues and the machine doesn’t recognize its protocol. So yes a garbage can is a good thing.

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