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    Mazak QT-8 Mazatrol CAM T-2

    1986 QT-8 sat for 2 years, turn on power, fans run.
    Red LED on control button is on.
    Push on button, red LED comes on, off button red LED stays on.
    Ready light does not come on.
    Controls come on with no alarms shown.
    Hydraulic pump does not come on.
    X and Z axis will not home.
    AVR puts out 24 volts.

    LEDs on PCBs
    FX61 card = MCUAL comes on then immediately goes off
    FX727 card = PR is on
    FX715 card = IT flashes / BA is on / RDY is on

    any clues???

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    Jul 2017
    okay, we checked for the hidden parameters before we started the re-initializing process using the instructions on the Mazak Service Bulletin 0989-002 "How to re-initialize a T2\3 Control". There were no values on the hidden pages of ACT no.1 & ACT no.2

    We went through the RI process and made some headway. Hydraulics come on now, we try to send it home and it travels past limit and throws an alarm 1 servo lag excess or 14 servo lag excess.

    can anyone help me with this?

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