Not able to work out how to do a tool change macro. Ive got the Mach 3 code. How do I translate this into something that Acorn Centroid can work with.

My assumptions.

Edit cnctch.mac, I found some code on someone else's video.

IF #50001 ;Prevent lookahead
IF #4202 || #4201 THEN GOTO 1000
IF #4120 == #90014 THEN GOTO 1000


G10 P1906 R1
G4 P.5
M94 /6
M101 / 70001
M95 /6


Then, somewhere I need to change a parameter to tell the machine it has an ATC, I suspect I know where this is.

Lastly, where do I put in the code that explains or executes this logic (this is the m6start macro bits of interest).

total_move = (moves * CW_Move_Per_Tool)+(CCW_Move/2)

Code "G91 G94" 'incremental & Feed per minute
Code "G0 A" & total_move '& "F" & CW_Feed
Code "G0 A" & "-" & CCW_Move '& "F" & CCW_Feed
While IsMoving()