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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > Miyano BNC34C2 servo turret problem
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    Miyano BNC34C2 servo turret problem

    I have a Miyano BNC34C2 equipped with Fanuc 0 Mate TC & turret driven by a GE Fanuc Versa Motion servo motor.
    Right now it's turret is not working, As I am trying to Home it's turret, it is keep rotating.
    I do not have it's turret servo motor parameters, as I am suspecting it's turret servo drive problem.
    Could somebody help me to solve this problem?
    As I am not familer with GE Fanuc versa Motion servo drive.

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    Re: Miyano BNC34C2 servo turret problem

    somebody help me

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