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    Dnya EM3116 Electronics Retrofit

    I picked up a Dyna Em3116 for super cheap a couple of weeks ago in working condition.
    Machine is good and tight and worked well other than the 1998 controls. The guys I bought it from left it powered on at all times to avoid a "little issue" with getting it back on.
    My shop runs on a phase converter so never turning it off is not an option. Turns out the "little issue" is that 95% of the time it won't power up, and you have to sit there pushing power repeatedly for an hour in the morning to get it to come on.
    Not going to work!

    I wanted modern controls anyway.

    So I decided that a retrofit was in order.
    I've built a couple of CNC routers, CNC plasma Cutter and rebuilt a Motoman 6 axis material handling robot and turned it into a welding robot, so I've got a bit of knowledge here but never done a retrofit, always started with all the components that work together.

    I wanted to stay away from using a PC based control because of the latency issues, it's OK for a router but a mill sees much higher loads and I didn't want to open that can of worms in a production environment.
    After a bunch of research I decided to go with a Dynomotion KFLOP board. Dynomotion Motion Control Boards for CNC Manufacturing and Robotics Applications

    The Kflop itself is awesome, but it can't control +/-10V servo drives by itself, so I also needed the KANALOG board to go with it. Dynomotion Motion Control Boards for CNC Manufacturing and Robotics Applications
    Total for the pair was 520 shipped (not bad at all)

    Since this machine worked (other than the electronics) I wanted to keep all the components I could, so I removed the control computer and the "big board" and that's about it. Everything else was reused.

    The retrofit is pretty straightforward, and the wiring is all pretty simple for the KANALOG with the wires already used for the BIG BOARD. The motors are already correctly wires with US Digital Encoders and a Differential converter board for the encoder signals.

    I'm not going to step by step it as this thread http://www.cnczone.com/forums/dynomo...tarted-13.html is immensely helpful for programming the KFLOP and I'm not sure i could have done it without it.

    A few issues I did run into that will hopefully save the next guy a bunch of sitting and staring time:

    The em3116 uses Advanced Motion Controls B15A8 servo drives. The spec sheet says that the INHIBIT feature disables the drives when the pin is pulled high to +5V. This is WRONG I spent hours trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my drives that I couldn't make them engage. Turns out the INHIBIT pin needs to be pulled to signal ground to engage the drive. How that got misprinted I don't know but it was a major hurdle for me as I was scared of toasting the drives, only when I was convinced there was no possible other solution did I resort to grounding the pin and BAM green LED. Damn.

    The EM3116 has a transformer under the control box. I assumed this was simply to pull 120, i didn't think it through! It puts 42V AC into the servo DC Power supply board. If you give the board 120V breakers go POP and solid state relays weld shut (no board damage though thankfully).

    The Power supply board needs to put out 60V DC to the servo Drives. There's a 5 pin connector that looks like it does something, but it is not necessary. It monitors the status of the fuse and output for the original electronics. For retrofit you can just leave it disconnected.

    The Estop is all software based, and will need to be rewired to cut power to the DC Power supply and the Spindle. I'm doing this with 2 relays with their grounds run through an Estop switch so when the switch is pressed both relays (the DC power drive and the spindle) will drop out and the drives will power off and the spindle will stop)

    So there you have it, for 500 bucks and a weekend you can have a fully 3d capable mill with true real time control and modern interface. No more floppy disks, and more importantly for me, no more 1.44mb file size limit.
    It may just be that I'm used to a modern PC interface but man it's SO much better than the stock DOS controls.

    If anyone wants my motor tuning data feel free to ask and I'll post it up maybe save you some time experimenting.

    Sidenote: before I decided to retrofit I spent 90 bucks for a manual for the DYNA 4M Controller that's now 100% useless to me, so if someone wants it make me an offer I can't refuse.
    I also have the BIG BOARD in good shape (corrosion on 2 pins that I think may have been causing my issue) as well as all the control box components, working HD with software etc etc if anyone needs those parts. Otherwise they will go to ebay then the dump if they don't sell.

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    Re: Dnya EM3116 Electronics Retrofit

    A little more information:

    Encoders are 2000 counts/rev
    4:1 Gear reduction on the servos
    Ball screw is 5mm/rev

    That makes the whole system 40,640 counts/inch
    Resolution of .0000246" per count. Not bad.

    Big thanks to Roberto at Dyna Mechtronics for his help in all this, he's been feeding me info (what info he can give out) when I ask for it and it's been a huge help!

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    Re: Dnya EM3116 Electronics Retrofit

    Roberto always tries to help.

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    A lazy man does it twice.

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    Are you still happy with your conversion? I am at the research stage of the same decision, to retrofit/upgrade. So finding your post was very timely
    Are you using Kmotion or Mach to control it?

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    I am also tying to figure out the best solution. Hytek, what did you end up doing?

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