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    Indentify motor A+, A-, B+,B-

    I bought stepper motor NEMA34 34H260-60-4A 4 wire cable long time ago, I lost docs. I google 34H260-60-4A, the cable black, green, red, blue the same as my motor. I measured continuity : black and green have continuity, red and blue have continuity. There is no explanation A+, A-, B+, B-. Can I just decide Black - (A+), Green -(A-), Red - (B+), Blue - (B-) ? Is there any risk if they are wrong such as burn the motor or no risk its just opposite polarity ?

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    Re: Indentify motor A+, A-, B+,B-

    Yes you can chose one pair with continuity to be A+ and A- and the other B+ and B- without risk for motor or driver.
    If the motor runs in the opposite direction that you want ( expect ) just reverse A+ and A- and the direction is reversed ( or do that in the software )

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    Re: Indentify motor A+, A-, B+,B-

    Thanks for the reply. I will wire the motor tomorrow.

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    Re: Indentify motor A+, A-, B+,B-

    This page may be of some help:
    James hosts the single best wiki page about steppers for CNC hobbyists on the net:
    http://www.piclist.com/techref/io/steppers.htm Disagree? Tell him what's missing! ,o)

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