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    Rhino Display Issues...


    I can’t get my toolbars to work, they have disapeared.
    I get an error message saying ‘Rhino toolbars and menus cannot be loaded, plugin could not be loaded’ or something like that.
    I have an expired evaluation version of Rhino 5.0.

    Please help.

    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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    Re: Rhino Display Issues...

    Tools -> Options...-> Document Properties -> Mesh
    Select the "Smooth & slower" or the "Custom" radio buttons, and tailor it to what your card can handle.

    Any other display options would be on:
    Tools-> Options... -> Document Properties -> View -> Display Modes ->
    and then pick the display mode and customize how it looks...

    But I'm pretty sure the low-quality meshes are the first option I mentioned.

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