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IndustryArena Forum > Mechanical Engineering > T-Slot CNC building > T-Slot Extrusion strength 6063-T5 vs 6061-T6
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    Post T-Slot Extrusion strength 6063-T5 vs 6061-T6

    Over the last month or so I have been sourcing parts for my CNC build.
    The CNC will have an approximate foot print of 3' x 5' (work area: 2' x 4').
    I plan on cutting wood for the most part (not too worried about aluminum or metals at this point).

    So far I have managed to find all the mechanical components I need for this build through AliExpress and Ebay.
    Since I have a limited budget of around $2000 CAD, I've had a hard time finding Aluminum Extrusion locally that fits the budget.

    I have found a couple of suppliers for T-Slot AE on AliExpress at a reasonable price but have noticed that the Grade of aluminum they are using is 6063-T5.

    Most commonly it seems AE is made using 6061-T6 Grade aluminum which is a fair bit stronger according to some online resources:

    I'm wondering if 6063-T5 Grade is still strong enough to hold up as the base frame of the CNC?

    If anyone has experience with 6063-T5 Grade, it would be great to understand the possible applications and limitations of the material.

    Any sort of feedback is welcome!


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    Re: T-Slot Extrusion strength 6063-T5 vs 6061-T6

    Your bigger concern should be deflection rather than ultimate strength. Both 6063 and 6061 will have the same deflection under the same load for identical geometries.

    In the 8020 catalog there's some simple equations for calculating deflection. Use those to determine deflection under load.

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    Re: T-Slot Extrusion strength 6063-T5 vs 6061-T6

    Hi triumph406,

    Thanks for the info, this clarifies the matter.
    I was mostly worried about the gantry as I plan on creating a ladder type structure for the horizontal portion of the gantry (if that makes sense) out of 4080 profile.

    Since deflection is similar with both materials it should be a sound structure provided the ladder has enough ribs.

    Thanks for the reply!

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    Good day!
    We are cnc machining factory in china , if you need custom made Mechanical Design metal parts let me know, send us drawing ,we provide high quality and good price products for you.

    Thank you!


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    6061T6 is stronger than 6063T5, but maybe not easy to buy 6061T6 CNC table slot extrusion in the market, because many are with 6063T5. you can refer to this information to compare 6063T5 and 6061T6 https://www.fonnovaluminium.com/6063vs6061.html

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