Hi everyone,

I have a Mori Seiki CV 500 mill with pallet changer and automatic tool changer (25 tool holders)

I recently disconnected the cables for the motor turning the tool magazine and switched the power back on.
After this I get an alarm about lost Zero Point of the Magazine.

So now I have connected the cables back to the motor, and I try to follow a procedure on how to do the adjustment/calibration of the zero point.

I understand mostly of the procedure, but there is one step I have problems with.
I need to change a parameter in the PLC, but I am not able to set the new parameter.
I have logged in to the correct menu, and found the parameter I was looking for (#6440) and I need to set bit 2 = 1
But It does not get stored after I set it?
I have tried to do this in MDI mode, no difference.
I have tried to switch off all Write Protection, no difference.
I have tried to restart the controller after the change, no difference.
I have tried to switch the main power of the machine off and on after the change, no difference.

So, if anyone could help me out with this it would be of great help.

As I can understand from the procedure I need to change this parameter, so I can use the Handle (manual pulse generator) to turn the magazine during the calibration.

Best regards,
Kjetil from Norway