The use of my old manual engraver, Hermes type, is getting to be too slow for needed production. I am thinking of a DIY build because I want a largish work area ( 2' X 2') for an engraver so I can do multiple parts at once. I have no problem with the controls or SW part as I have built and run several cnc plasma machines and use an old cnc mill daily. The biggest problem I have is building the chassis true with my limited tooling and skills. I am thinking about buying a manufactured chassis or kit as a starting point, I have looked at CNC Router Parts and Fineline Automation. Are there others I need to consider? Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about these? I mostly engrave carbon steel parts .003 - .005" deep in one pass now with flat bottom vee carbide Hermes bits. I expect to have to buy a high speed spindle of some kind and not use traditional old Hermes bits.