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    Coating for insert holders

    What kind of coating or surface treatment is used on milling and turning insert holders? Seems invincible to corrosion. I want to make my own from 4140. Suggestions?

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    Re: Coating for insert holders

    One that I have looks to be hard chromed, the others look like a black oxide finish. Gun bluing maybe?

    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Coating for insert holders

    The appearance is right for gun bluing Jim Dawson, but I've done my own cold bluing at home, and didn't find it very durable. Maybe it would be OK as long as it was only used in conjunction with well-maintained coolant.

    Whatever it is that they do to commercial tooling seems to stand up to coolant even if it's mixed too thin. I've seen machines that get a bit of surface rust on the turret, table, or way covers, but the tooling never gets any rust. I've always wondered if it's more the coating, or the alloy it's made of. I'd love to get some insight from anybody who knows!

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    Re: Coating for insert holders

    Does it depend on what type of tooling ,does most have chromium in it but I believe it's just the blacking stuff ? cast iron will surface rust in moisture prone areas quickly .

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