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    Interfacing and configuration of ST-V2 board in TurboCNC

    Good time of day.

    I sruggle with configuration of BL-MACH-V11 (see attachments) board and brushless spindle WS55-180 (https://www.banggood.com/400W-12000r...r_warehouse=CN).
    I have selected pin 17 to control EN input of controller and pin 16 to control F/R (direction of rotation).
    The board has regulated 0-10V output to control rotation speed of spindle. The problem is that all information I could get is related to Mach3 software, not TurboCNC. Which pin is in charge of this function and how can I set it up?
    I have googled it and went through manual - no joy.

    Can somebody explain me, how can I set this function in TurboCNC?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Interfacing and configuration of ST-V2 board in TurboCNC

    TurboCNC does not have PWM output, so I don't think you can use the 0-10V from that board.

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