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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Servo Motors / Drives > Servos not moving when analyze ESS C62 DG4S Plasmacam retrofit
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    Servos not moving when analyze ESS C62 DG4S Plasmacam retrofit

    I have
    ESS to c62, DG4S Drivers and plasmacam servos.
    Current State:
    All lights say I am a go.
    ESS and C62 are jumpered, powered and working. DG4S drives have power and are flashing green
    When powered on the Servos are Holding.
    Turning the Shaft changes the Encoders pos
    when servo config is run I can get setting from drives

    When I hit analyze I get no motion. The osciliscope shows square step originating at 0 and not a wave.

    Thing I have tried.
    Update firmware (no help)
    flipped the arm wiring (no help)
    right now I am using stock cables from Plasmacam so my rj45 driver board is far away from servo. tomorrow I am going to rewire with cat6 cables and move the rj45 driver board as close to servo as possible.

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    Re: Servos not moving when analyze ESS C62 DG4S Plasmacam retrofit

    It sounds like the encoders are working but the motors aren't getting power from the drives. You shouldn't be able to turn the shafts by hand when the machine is powered up.
    Andrew Werby

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    Ok. Tomorrow I am going to junk the old cable and run new cat6 and power wire separate to eliminate all that mess. One thing I notice when I hit the analyze button I see y
    The red error light flash one time on the dg4s
    I forgot to mention that before.

    Also THANK YOU!!

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    UPDATE: Everything Powered up and running. Tuning Servos happened pretty quick. I was able to dial them in about an hour, and got a nice graph.
    One of my servos is having heat issues and will lose 1200 steps out of 20k. No oscilating, but its hot and sometime doesnt move at all, and If i give it a nudge it will not be holding and will move. As soon as it moves the motor starts to hold again. The other servo runs fine, gets warm but not hot.

    Does this sound like a positioning error or a servo malfunction.?

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