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    Mazatrol CAM T4 parameters


    Im fairly new to the mazak field. Just recently "undusted" the old "classic" QS 30 twin turret lathe... actually still fighting with it.
    Yesterday i lost everything from the memory - everything including all parameters.
    I do have a back up of the user and machine parameters. Im looking for cutting parameters (or examples), tool tables or anything that might help me get back on my feet
    Also - i know that the subject's been discussed here many times, but really - as famous as mazak is - are there really COUPLE of the DNC comm software availeble all at a un-descent price tag ?? Aren't there any of those "free" available to simply back up parameters and programs onto a computer and back?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    well.... i suddenly lost all parameters again.......any help?..... I heard that the TwinTurret QS30's were Mazak's "oooppps" machines as far as the electrical cirquit. Any truth to that? Im just not sure if its worth keeping and investing more time and most importantly money.


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    well tehre is cncpc for windows my mazak repair man gave me and look for your batteries to be top shape i got this issue with mine

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