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IndustryArena Forum > CAD Software > Uncategorised CAD Discussion > Going from Coreldraw to CorelCAD to get 3D modeling???
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    Going from Coreldraw to CorelCAD to get 3D modeling???

    I currently use Coreldraw X6 for all my CNC plasma CAD work and I'm completely happy with it. However, I want to add 3D modeling to my repertoire. My intended use is just to provide a visual 3D model for customers as a proof. Right now, I just generate a 2D PDF for them to look at.

    I see that a lot of folks take CAD file into a separate software just to do 3D modeling, but I'd like to limit the number of software packages. I already run three (CorelDraw, Sheetcam and CommandCNC). I was looking at CorelCAD. I hoping it will be similar to Coreldraw and I could work from the same file for generating 3D models and dxf for Sheetcam. Any thoughts?


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    Re: Going from Coreldraw to CorelCAD to get 3D modeling???

    The best way is to download the CorelCAD 2018 Trial, I like it as a replacement for AutoCAD which I use with SheetCam and Mach3 for plasma cutting.
    I also use SheetCam with Mach4 on a CNC mill.
    For 3D modeling I use products from PunchCAD, and Autodesk Inventor.
    2D / 3D CAD and Drafting Software | CAD Software for Mac and Windows | CAD Programs | Drawing Software | Architecture Design Software | PunchCAD.com
    I don't think you will find CorelCAD good for 3D work, I've used plenty of 3D modeling software, and CorelCAD is great for 2D, but
    not easy for 3D work.
    Try a Demo of the PunchCAD products, easy to use , powerful and affordable.
    I also use CoreldrawX8 for plasma cutting, mostly for lettering and tracing .jpgs to a .dxf.

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