I'm in the process of shopping for a used Haas TM1 or TM2 and because of budget restrictions I will be looking for a machine in the 2001 to 2004 range.

So with that in mind I want to make sure the machine will be compatible with some of the current technology such as a Wireless Probe.

So a couple of questions:

Question 1:

One of the probes I was looking at said it needs version 14.* software.
Do all Haas machines use the same firmware/software but just different versions depending on year of manufacture?
The reason I ask is I tried to find info on the Haas site showing a software version history but wasn't able to find anything.

So with all of that in mind another question would be are models manufactured in the 2001 to 2004 range able to be updated to current software ?

Aprx Cost?

I'm familiar with firmware updates on other equipment, so Is it possible to do the software update myself, or does it require a Haas tech?

Any other insight on this would be appreciated.