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    Help for a begginer [UK]

    First of all i would like to note I am using a Felder profit h10 and TpaCad software with only a few months of experience.

    The other day we got approached by a designer asking us if we could cut elements for a theatre, something like this
    [https://ibb.co/ct0dJJ so my question is if any of you ever done anything like this and how to approach it logistically.
    I've been trying to figure out how to cut at least 2 elements out of 1 sheet of 2440x1220 mdf so that both halves are usable
    "waves" and how to make the angles of the shapes fit together since i can only create one element at a time in tpa.

    My other question is about tools, Till this day we only have a Aerotech cutting tool loaded in our cnc and i would like to
    get my boss to buy more so we a can engrave and cut out more precise things if need come. also a tool for Jpulls (finger grips)
    If anyone could recommend some tools for a begginer I would appreciate. (NO LEITZ PLEASE!)

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    Re: Help for a begginer [UK]


    im working as a freelance support CNC - technology, programming, training... . Main specialization on Woodworking CNC. If you will want you can contact me for more information.

    Alphacam post and VBA macros, Autodesk HSM post.

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    Re: Help for a begginer [UK]

    hello did you get any answers to your question on here? I have just become more active on here and thought I could help you out with some guidance? appreciate your thread is a bit old now but it is possible to cut out quite efficiently the parts you described. we used to machine carcuses for large jobs in ply and mdf. sort of a rib cage which would then get paneled over etc. we basically placed the sheet onto the bed onto a sacrificial board in the same material say as its cheap. that sacrificial board only needs to be double side taped down. we then placed our sheet on top and nailed the 4 corners through into the slave board holding it in place.
    Next we machined the outline of the parts into the board about about 2mm depth or any depth will suffice just so you can see the outline of the parts etc. then you can go about adding more nails in the interior edges of your parts which will then hold the in place during the remaining machining.
    machine down into the sacrificial board slightly the pull out the nails and your left with your parts.
    Everyday is a school day.

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    hello did you get any answers to your question on here? I had the same problem 4 years ago. My mate recommend me this website https://brokeinlondon.com/best-trave...lege-students/. Here u can find a lot of info which will help u.

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